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Keynote Speaker Mike Santori

Measurement Technology Trends in Instrumentation and Control

Measurement and instrumentation are prime movers in nearly every scientific discipline. To a large extent, new measurement capabilities such as higher speed, better sensitivity, and higher density, have enabled new scientific advancements. The concept of heterogeneous computing with FPGAs, multi-core processors, and GPUs, has further impacted instrumentation and control. As these different systems come together, tools and platform vendors have to work together to reduce the barrier to entry to these latest technologies. Abstraction at the appropriate level, combined with a platform-based system approach, enables domain experts such as particle physicists and fusion scientists to focus on innovation and discovery while leveraging the latest available technologies. This plenary talk will focus on industry trends and advances that improve instrumentation and control and offer insights on what lies ahead.


As Business & Technology Fellow in charge of Product Marketing, Mike Santori leads the National Instruments organizations responsible for planning and marketing core measurements, test systems, embedded systems and key application segments. Santori focuses on optimizing the NI product portfolio, leading the definition and management of new products and ensuring high quality technical marketing. Since joining NI in 1986, Mike Santori has worked closely with R&D and marketing to define new products and capabilities for NI software, including NI Lab- VIEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand and VeriStand, as well as developing marketing strategies for NI's graphical system design platform. Mike Santori holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M University.