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Not Dead Yet: Recent Enhancements and Future Plans for EPICS Version 3

Andrew Nicholas Johnson, Janet Barbara Anderson (ANL, Argonne), Michael Davidsaver (BNL, Upton, New York), Ralph Lange (HZB, Berlin)

The EPICS Version 4 development effort* is not planning to replace the current Version 3 IOC Database or its use of the Channel Access network protocol in the near future. Interoperability is a key aim of the V4 development, which is building upon the older IOC implementation. EPICS V3 continues to gain new features and functionality on its Version 3.15 development branch, while the Version 3.14 stable branch has been accumulating minor tweaks, bug fixes, and support for new and updated operating systems. This paper describes the main enhancements provided by recent and upcoming releases of EPICS Version 3 for control system applications.

* Korhonen et al, "EPICS Version 4 Progress Report", this conference.

Work supported by U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, under Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357.